The School Of Intellectuals vision is to be a high performing, exemplary district which is future  oriented and responsive to change and the needs of its students.

The district we envision values:

High expectations

All people are challenged to acquire knowledge and academic skills, and to achieve their highest potential.


Varied beliefs and viewpoints strengthen a school district. Respect for differences contributes to a better school district for all.

Individual Potential

Culture and climate will be structured to nurture the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of all individuals.

Life-Long Learning

Education is a process that begins at birth and continues throughout life. It fosters curiosity, motivation, and the desire to learn.

Productive Effort

Hard work, perseverance, and commitment are required in the pursuit of greater knowledge and more powerful thinking.

Shared Responsibility

Partnerships between parents, staff, and community members are characterized by mutual commitment and collaboration.

Ethical Behavior

The highest standards of personal behavior, including trust, honesty, fairness, integrity, and mutual respect, distinguish one’s actions.