Principal’s Message

In School we are about more than just grades; we offer an opportunity for every student to develop his civil, moral, and spiritual life. We strive to provide our boys with relevant religious instruction, rigorous academics, and varied extracurricular, all arranged in a system of masculine mentorship designed to instill wisdom in our students. Our goal is to help our boys grow into men who are wise, both intellectually and morally. We work hard to introduce our students to the knowledge and virtues that lead to the judgment of rational wisdom and the justice of moral wisdom.

We ask our students to be brave and to make a difference. The School program challenges our students to develop masculine conscience, to grow academically, to make good decisions, and to become leaders who exercise courage, kindness, and integrity. We also offer our boys the chance to be part of something bigger than themselves; we ask everyone on our campus to engage in a life of social responsibility through avenues such as our community service club and the chapel program in the boys dorm.

What makes the Boys School truly special is the quality of the staff and students who live our mission with inspiration and confidence. We are able to strike a fine and constantly adjusting balance between firm guidelines and bold dreams, between grounded realities and soaring ideals. As principal of  School, I have the opportunity to witness incredible people doing incredible things every day. The relationships that are formed at TSI (The School Of Intellectuals) are based on a very high level of mutual respect, compassion, and a strong desire for what is best for each individual.

Sincerely Yours,

Shahid Mehmood

Principal (The School Of Intellectuals)