C.E.O Message

A warm welcome to “The School Intellectuals”, I live in a swirling sea of expectations and demands. But I have dreams, dreams for the children of my school, to flourish in a threat free environment, conducive for growth. So that the creative talents and skills of each person are maximized. I want ea
ch child who enters the school to keep the fire for the quest of knowledge burning inside him/her, to develop not only academically and socially but also emotionally and spiritually.If you ask me why we established IPHS, my only answer will be, “to bring about a meaningful change into the lives of our students in particular and in the society in general”.

Here I would also like to mention that I pride myself on our rigorous academic regime, my students have always achieved distinctions, they secured 80-90% in board exams, almost 80% students achieve A+ or A grade. Moreover my EX students have achieved a marvellous achievement in their Professional lives.  Let me mention that I believe in “Concept Based Learning” and I am thankful to my teachers who help me out in promoting and practicing this concept especially to Mr.Hafizullah, Mr.sarfaraz, Mr.Shafqat, Mr.Tariq, Mr. Mohsin, Mr.Sami, Mr.Rifaqat and last but not the least is Mr. Shahid Mehmood ,who have worked with their devotion and also assist junior teachers as well.

Currently what sets us apart from the rest is the fact that our school offers Arabic and English as language course inclusive, and Nazra as additional content. Special emphasis is given on character building through hadith and real life present day situations and scenarios. Once a child completed his/her studies from TSI we make sure that the child need not go to a 3rd person to ask about how one must conduct his/her life, they will be self-reliant and will know exactly how to lead their everyday life in accordance with the teachings of Allah and the Prophet (PBUH).

I hope that you will find our website interesting and informative as you browse through it. Brief though, this website should give you enough insight into our system to understand our methodology fully. However, we always welcome any queries if something is vague or hazy. At the same time, we appreciate every kind of feedback from the parents, which also reflects your involvement in our efforts. With warm regards