This institution has already started its tuition academy for boys and girls from nursery to Bsc, since 1st of September 2012.
Details of courses offered are as under:
Fees schedule
Primary level up to                                 Rs.500
Class Middle:                                           Rs.700/P.M
Metric science subjects:                         Rs.800/P.M
Per subjects:
Fsc/ FA level:   Per subjects:                Rs.1000/P.M
BA/BSc                                                     Rs.1500/P.M
English language:                                    Rs.700/P.M
(Three months course)
Computer:                                                Rs.700/P.M
Academy timing 2:30pm to 5:30pm.
Preparatory classes for cadet collages test are also run by institution generator, UPS and internet facilities are available.


Wish of our institution is to educate the youngster of the area hence, we have not restricted anyone, anybody, any person from anywhere to quench their thirst from here.